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It's not so very many years ago that anyone who chose to keep a snake, snail or spider as a pet would probably have been looked on as a little strange, but today keeping exotic animals is one of the fastest-growing areas of the pet industry.
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Ask Our Experts: What Cures Are Available for Axolotls?, What Species are my...
Care Guides
Care Guides: Caring for Frog & Toads, Caring for Caecilians, Caring for...
Costs & Regulation
Costs & Regulation: Basic Biology of Reptiles & Amphibians, How to Insure Your Exotic...
Faqs: Housing Exotic Pets: FAQ, Furnishing Your Tank: FAQ, Keeping Snakes:...
Health & Safety
Health & Safety: Understanding Venom, Where to Get An Exotic Pet, Picking the Right...
Housing & Equipment
Housing & Equipment: Vivarium, Terrarium or Aquarium; What's the difference?, Choosing and...
Invertebrate Pets
Invertebrate Pets: Emperor Scorpions as Pets, Keeping Vinegarones (Whip-Scorpions),...
Need to Know
Need to Know: What You Might Not Know About Tortoises, What You Might Not Know...
Oddities in an Aquarium
Oddities in an Aquarium: Keeping Sea Anemones, Keeping Marine Worms, How...
Pet Amphibians
Pet Amphibians: Clawed Frogs and Tree Frogs, Keeping Marine Toads and Green Toads,...
Pet Reptiles
Pet Reptiles: Skinks as Pets, Looking After European Pond Terrapins, How to Keep...
Questionnaires: Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Pet Snake?, Quiz: How Much Do You...
Latest Comments
  • Doesn'tMatter
    Re: Vivarium, Terrarium or Aquarium; What's the difference?
    There's actually a big difference in the materials used to make aquariums and terrariums.You…
    27 February 2017
  • Nikos
    Re: Keeping Marine Worms
    Hello all I would like to build a tank for preserving and breeding sea worms for decoration and fishing purposes. Please be kind enough to…
    25 February 2017
  • Len
    Re: Keeping Butterfly Lizards and Plated Lizards
    Hi trying to locate a book for my grandson on the plated lizards for xmas any ideas Thanks
    12 December 2016
  • Vincey Animal
    Re: Keeping Snails as Pets
    Are snails the best pet?I mean I like every animal but I'm not sure if a snail is going to be the best pet ever.
    29 May 2016
  • Tracy
    Re: Caring for Crabs
    I am a bioscience student about to catch (eriocheir sinensis) Chinese mitten crabs for study in Kent. They are a growing problem! I am intending…
    25 May 2016
  • Andy
    Re: Keeping Vinegarones (Whip-Scorpions)
    Are there any books about whip scorpions or rhinestones I can get so I can see how one is kept and find out how much it…
    17 February 2016
  • Stephen
    Re: Vivarium, Terrarium or Aquarium; What's the difference?
    Pictures of each type may have been useful.
    23 December 2015
  • joeiguana
    Re: Iguanas as Pets
    Hi there I have built a more than appropriate Viv for my female green iguana. I keep koi in the very large pond below her canopy. Will the fish…
    23 November 2015
  • Jewelly
    Re: Caring for Newts
    Hi there. So I have a small fire belly newt. We had it in a 55 gallon tank with a few angel fish, a red tailed shark and a spotted puffer fish. We…
    21 July 2015
  • eeyore
    Re: Caring for Crabs
    Hello and thank you for the information you have shared. No matter how much I try to find out about Rainbow crabs its never enough, not much…
    20 May 2015
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